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Protecting Municipalities Since 1981

"I am a City Clerk in a small western Illinois community. Since being elected City Clerk in 2009, I have found out the importance and true need for the IMLRMA and their services. IMLRMA gives you the confidence to know that advice or resolution is a phone call away. With paperwork required at a minimum through the use of ICE, it is great. Having the IMLRMA is like doubling the size of your staff."
~Jim Nelson, RMC, City Clerk, City of Silvis (Rock Island County), pop. 7,479

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November - Communicating a Safety Plan
Published from Risk Management & Loss Control on Wednesday October 26, 2016
You've taken the time to research and create safety policies that will help your employees and local citizens, now learn how to communicate those policies to your employees. More

IMLRMA Connections Newsletter Autumn 2016
Published from Risk Management & Loss Control on Monday October 03, 2016
The Autumn 2016 IMLRMA Connections newsletter covers topics for the Autumn months, as well as important information in the Underwriting and IML Corners. Please forward the newsletter to your elected officials and all employees! More

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Facts about IMLRMA

We have been covering Illinois municipalities for over 30 years (since 1981). Here is a list of just some of the recent activities we've done to serve our Members:

  • Traveled to more than 1,200 on-site member service and loss control visits
  • Spent nearly 6,000 hours of on-site consultation time with members
  • Covered nearly 3,000 firefighters, more than 3,500 law enforcement, and nearly 17,000 other municipal employees
  • Conducted nearly 400 loss control-specific trainings for more than 3,000 municipal employees and supervisors on important topics ranging from Accident Investigations to IDOL/OSHA-required topics like Bloodborne Pathogens and PPE, to Defensive Driving and Public Liability issues
  • Conducted more than 120 on-site building evaluations
  • Conducted more than 50 special event reviews
  • Inspected more than 250 recreational facilities including parks and playgrounds
  • Inspected nearly 300 non-recreational facilities and job sites
  • Participated in more than 70 Safety Committee Meetings
  • Answered more than 5,000 member phone calls and emails
  • Conducted more than 30 Safety Policy reviews
  • Participated in more than 80 Safety Program development on-site meetings
  • Reviewed countless numbers of contracts for risk management issues
  • Provided access to online loss control training for members
  • Upgraded our website and created many new educational and training documents for you to use
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